Beyond Dosa – The Authentic Flavours from South India

At Beyond Dosa, we take the authentic flavours of South India and refines it, taking it to a whole new level. Dinners at Beyond Dosa, enjoy its pleasant ambience and soothing music.There would be an experience that you will not find anywhere else. Most people are used to eat South Indian food in bustling restaurants, at traditional tables. Not here.

What We Offer

We aim to surprise and delight our guests with the blended and unique flavours of South Indian cuisine. We create flavour profiles that are reminiscent of traditional techniques but take them to a brand-new level to excite our guests' palates.



Beyond Dosa serves 100 varieties of DOSA for you to explore and indulge. We have ensured to meet the taste and hunger of all our customers by introducing Goa with authentic to fusion dosa.


Wada/Idli/Rice and so on…

Not only dosa but we present other hearty dishes too at Beyond Dosa. We have ensured to meet the taste and hunger of all our customers.



Enjoy the pure fruits juices, delicious milkshakes and fabulous chilled mocktails at Beyond Dosa. There are many other beverages too which our guest cherishesfrom filter coffee to cold lassies to chilled beers.

Hot serving items

Beyond Dosa is a place where tradition, quality and creativity unite to produce an entirely new refined type of South Indian items.


Beyond Dosa is consistently recognized as one of Goa’s best pure veg South Indian Restaurants. Here are some of the many feedbacks we have received from our guests

Why People Choose Us